Class 1, 2 and 3 Aviation Medical Examiner

It is our goal at Springs Aviation to get our pilots into the cockpit quickly, safely and in compliance with FAA regulations.


Dr. Glenn R. Stoutt started Glenn R. Stoutt Aviation in 1960. In 1994 the name was changed to Springs Pediatrics and Aviation when the practice moved into the Springs Medical Building. Carrying on the tradition,
Dr. Thompson has been an Aviation Medical Examiner since 2010.


In 2022 Dr. Thompson had over a 94% immediate issuance (passing) rate with his pilots, and an eventual overall issuance rate of 99.4% after deferral and further evaluation with the FAA.

To make an appointment

Complete Form 8500-8 in Med Express within 60 days of your scheduled appointment. You will get a confirmation number that we must have before you can be seen. If you do not have your confirmation number when you make your appointment, please give it to us at least one business day before your appointment so we can have your paperwork in place.

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